The Math Science

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The Need

Since 1970 Chadron State students have been educated by amazing faculty members in the Math Science Building, preparing them for a future beyond Chadron. Fifty-years later the Math Science Building is outdated and inadequate. The facility has neither the space nor the technology required for a 21st century math and science curriculum or modern instruction methodology. The building is unable to adequately prepare students for their next educational step or the workforce.

The Plan

A $32.1 million plan will gut and renovate the existing structure and add an additional 14,000 square feet. The 2018 Nebraska Legislative session provided funding to get the project started contingent upon Chadron State contributing $3 million. The Chadron State Foundation has secured $2.75 million for the building project to date.

The Opportunity

The Math and Science Initiative touches the lives of every Chadron State student. Each student is required to complete core studies in math and science regardless of their degree. Math and science students require access to new technology and instructional methods as part of the digital, technological revolution that has swept America and the world in the last 30 years.

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